Saturday, December 09, 2023

Rollin’ on

For me it was just a few days’ switch from summer to winter, so no fall here, and the good thing would be that I won’t work on the house anymore and can now put more time into the studio work. Need to get myself to do it though.

Me and Mr Idman have been down in the Red Room a couple of rounds working with drums and we’ve recorded a handful of songs that I’m going to start working on any day now. As always I have a lot of songs that I’m working with, just how I like it it and it suits my restless mind, but the downside is that I at some point I have to finish some of it too. Of all the material I’m working on in the studio I probably should’ve released some a long time ago, but I simply haven’t got myself to the point of finishing anything yet.

Though I’m constantly working on a full length album, or actually more than one, it's taking, and I'm letting it, take its time to get finished but.there will be a couple singles/EPs out next year, just as planned yet a bit delayed.

We’ve been rehearsing quite frequently with my live powertrio the last months and we’ve had a couple of totally awesome gigs, loads of fun and the live band feels pretty much together by now, and yeah, we’re having a great time so hopefully we’ll manage to schedule some more live dates soon. Special thanks to Magnus Hultman and Thomas Henkel and all you showing up at the shows and giving us such amazing feedback. 

My long time sidekick Mr Andreas Mallander and I are experimenting on a new branch of PM Saari music that hopefully sees the light somewhere in 2024, and hopefully so will some other collaborations I have going on.

Until the release of new music here’s a Spotify playlist of some of what I’ve done so far, an all PM Saari playlist.

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Friday, September 22, 2023

Same old news

Me and the boys rehearsing at
our Beyond Dimensions Bunker.

Feels somewhat like I’m on repeat here, like it’s the same old news again, but it is what it is. Summer is behind us, (almost at least, I’m still hanging on to it a bit) and I’ve been swamped with work on my house the whole summer and haven’t practically been working with music at all. Aside from writing a couple of new tunes and hanging in the Bunker rehearsing with the boys there hasn’t been that much action in that area. Summer doesn’t just seem to be a very productive period for me, music wise.

It’s not uncommon that my plans fail due to lack of time, so I guess we’re all getting used to that by now, but anyway, now I’m about to start up the system again and slowly get myself down into the cold waters of studio work again.

Me wrestling with my house.

We have two really cool gigs booked with the solo band, one at Maze in the band’s second hometown Ludvika October 21st and the other on my very home turf at the Pow Wow Rock Fest at O’Learys in Vällingby (Stockholm) November 4th. Apart from some live shows the new plan (I don’t even remember the old plan) now is to finish the recording of a couple of singles/EP’s of songs that we actually are playing live, that are in the PM Saari Band live set. The goal is to have the studio versions of the songs we’re doing live out, pretty logical but we’ve been pretty unsynced when it comes to that. 

You’ll always find the PM Saari Band live dates at bandsintown and Songkick.

I’m also trying to get into the 2020’s so I’ll be doing my best to try to keep up and somewhat frequently be putting out videos of me jamming through some of my riffs on my Facebook and Instagram pages and in this playlist on my YouTube channel. I call it “'Ere's a Riff For Ya!” (a little reference to the great Mr Coverdale there for ya). 

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Live again (and again)

Our first gig in four years, our revival, the first one featuring Mr Mats “Moey” Öström on bass, is now behind us and it all went down beyond expectations.The place was packed, we received the best imaginable feedback and we had a total blast and it sure felt like a rebirth in many ways.

PM Saari Band Live 2023
PM Saari Band Live 2023 (Photo by Åsa Urberg)

I have to admit I was a bit worried about my vocals, I mean I didn't know what was causing my voice problems the past five months, still don’t, only that my voice didn’t work as it used to do, so I didn't really know what to expect, but it worked way better than I expected. The thing is that the problem I had the first months of this year gradually disappeared and it’s pretty much ok now, but then something of a normal flu hit me and my voice was torn down again for over a month. But yeah, I believe I’m very close to where I was before all this. We did change one or two songs in the set to be on the safe side, replacing the most vocal demanding songs - I do NOT want to risk pushing it too far now.

PM Saari at BeyondDimensions Central Station
PM Saari recording guitars at 
BeyondDimensions Central Station
The next booked live date is in Ludvika at the Open Stage Marathon 2023 on Saturday June 10th, so we’ll be back where we left off four years ago. We will hit the main outdoor stage at 14:30, so an afternoon show for us old, stressed, tired men. 

Since we had to wait and see what happened to my voice we were a bit late booking gigs for this spring/summer and kind of missed that train, but hopefully we’ll manage to get in at least some more dates, and if not there will be more after summer for sure.

As always I’m behind schedule (my utopic plan?) with the releases but I’m currently recording guitars and vocals for the next two releases, and I’m also working on the pre-production of the full length album I really, really  want to make after this. But we’ll see what life’s got in store for us. And, as always, every now and then I’ll be poking here and there in the various recording projects that are laying around, and one of these days some of these might just see the light of day.

See ya.
/ PM

Friday, April 14, 2023


All artwork and design by PM Saari

The next release out is called “Dried” and will be released under the Inagone banner. It'll be out on Friday, April 21st and it’s a single featuring the two Inagone songs “Stronger” and “Dried” that were recorded back in 2008 and that I’ve now compiled, edited and mixed. 

The music and lyrics are written by me and it’s performed by Inagone which means Per Linzander on vocals, Vesa Kallio on drums, Andreas Mallander on fretless bass and me on guitars and backing vocals. I really like the performance of this recording, there’s some pretty cool things happening there, pretty good jams and chops.

These two songs are among my all time favorites and I find them way too good to be left unreleased. I think the song “Dried” in particular is one of the best songs I’ve ever written and the funny thing is that it’s about running dry on ideas as a writer, creator or an artist and the fact is that I’ve never actually experienced that myself, never faced that problem, rather the opposite, always coming up with way too many ideas. So it’s imaginarily how I believe it would feel, how the dryness drains your energy. It’s pretty ironic that thinking and writing about this lead me to writing one of the best songs I’ve ever written. I think we might even try to put it into the PM Saari Band live set now when we'll get out in 2023.

Below you'll find some direct links to the first Inagone EP "Where It Begins" but you'll find it at all the digital music providers.

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Friday, March 31, 2023

Out of voice… and motivation

In the beginning of this year something happened to my voice, when we were supposed to start rehearsing with the PM Saari Band after Christmas/new years break I discovered that about half an octave of my voice didn’t work, like at all. Just couldn't get this group of tones from my higher register out and of course it was the tones that I use the most. I tried various solutions to get it into action but realised after a month that this ain’t going to get solved anyway soon. We had some gig proposals but had to turn them down and we were also supposed to start rehearsing with Järntrean as well but we had to call that off.
PM Saari Band (me, Moey and Pata) at rehearsals
at our Beyond Dimensions Bunker.

Now it seems to be slowly getting back to normal, slowly. I’m definitely not able to do the Paul DiAnno stuff that Järntrean demands yet so that’s put on hold for a while, but when it comes to my own stuff it’s starting to work little by little, and with my own material I feel I can move a few vocal lines into another register in case some of the problem remains for longer. So it feels pretty safe that we finally have some live dates with the new PM Saari Band live line-up booked in May. More on that later.
I've been doing some voice exercises
with a phonation tube/straw. I don't
know if that's working or not but my
voice is getting better... I think.

Not only did this put a halt to all the live plans but all of my plans were thoroughly shaken, I mean I didn’t know what had happened or even if it would ever be ok again, actually still don’t. Such a heavy halt sure affects ones motivation as well, at least it did for me, and due to this I haven’t been too productive until recently when I've somewhat got back in track working on all the studio stuff I’ve got going on again.

The next release should’ve been out a while ago, it has been mastered and ready just waiting for quite some while, but even that was affected by this halt, but it’s now on its way. It’ll be out in three weeks, April 21st, it’s called “Dried” and is two songs that will be released under the Inagone banner, because they are Inagone songs, even though they probably are as much mine as all the PM Saari songs. More on that closer.

See you soon.
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