Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saari Live Report

We’ve finally got the first couple of live shows down with the solo band and everything is really starting to fall into place. It should have been more shows down by now but due to some bad luck with cancelled shows beyond our control (we don’t really deal with “luck” anyway, so...) and various reasons delaying the rehearsals in the beginning of the year, made us sit out some spring dates. But now we’re on the roll and more dates will be booked right after summer. Feels really great to be so close to find what we have been looking for when taking the “The Opening” material into power-trio live-mode. We’ve always wanted it to be improvised jam and kick ass live action when performed live, yet keeping the progressivity of it. Not easy at all, but I really think we’re getting there. And live is what it is all about, isn't it?
Me and the boys delivering the goods in Borlänge.

Järntrean (Fe3)
Very soon we’ll start booking gigs for Järntrean, or Fe3 if you will, which'll be so much fun. You people can’t even imagine what we’re up to, it’ll be such a punch in the face - and sometimes I'm not sure we ourselves really realize what the H we have given ourselves into, but we LOVE it. Up The Irons!

Some Lizard Eye shows are down and some more are coming up. Really looking forward to hooking up with the boys for some kick-ass Lizard Eye live action after a summer break.

Any day now we’ll be starting tracking drums for upcoming solo release (releases?), not sure in what format things will be out or when just yet, but I have finished material to well fill an album, and even more so. But I do believe there will be something out before the end of 2017, probably not a full-length album though, it won't land until 2018 by the earliest. But we'll see. Some other studio work is going on but more on that soon.

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