Monday, January 02, 2017

Enter 2017

2017?! What happened to 2016? Where did it go? And what did it do, taking away so many of my friends and heroes?! (Or am I just getting old and should get used to this?) Well, it sure was a strange and unreal year that passed by, and fast, like a bolt of lightning. At least I managed to finally squeeze out my first solo album!

First out 2017 I’m very happy to announce that I will be back playing live on stage in 2017. Finally! As we speak we’re rehearsing (jamming?) the solo band, Wonderfuel, into live-shape and it will be Andy “Drake” Mallander on fretless bass, Patrik Idman on drums and yours truly on guitars and vocals. We're really excited to be taking it live on stage.

I'm also proud to finally officially announce a new, pretty crazy and oh-so-much fun project that has been in the planning for many, many years called “Järntrean” (“Iron Three” in Swedish, and no, none of us plays golf), also going under the acronym “Fe3” (to be more scientific, or chemical, if you like). It's a power trio consisting of me on vocals and guitars, Andreas Mallander on fretless (!) bass and my long time pal Jan Viberg on drums (with only två toms!) doing our energetic jam interpretations of songs from the two first Iron Maiden albums, the DiAnno-era. Real fun and exciting, a real challenge and probably too totally insane to even try doing (impossible?), but we love every second of it and we’re all beyond stoked about this.

It will all start off with a couple of “release-gigs” for The Opening with the three-piece soloband in Stockholm, Sweden, in the beginning of the year.

I will be finishing the writing of the songs for my second solo album and finish up the pre-production work the first months of 2017 and am going through drummers and other guests that will be participating on it. So the work on PM Saari episode II, “The Awakening”, (hearing in my head it sounding very much Star Wars) has already begun.

And off course loads of other exciting things are in the planning for 2017 as well, but as always, more on those when, and if, they get executed.

More on all this shortly but until then, enjoy “The album that needed to be done, the album that I needed to do”, The Opening, which you'll find at your digital music provider of choice, like: iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Microsoft, Napster, Spotify and E-music etc. Send an e-mail to if you wish to buy a physical CD and you can’t find it anywhere.

/ PM