Friday, September 02, 2016

Second single out

Artwork/sleeve design by PM Saari
The second single from “The Opening” is now out. It features the song “Lifeblind”, which is a reflective, atmospheric, a more lyrical and opaque piece. It’s accompanied by the instrumental song “Growing Shadows”, a heavier, darker composition with an almost disco groove to it. So a more soulful and darker release this time. Both songs, as the whole upcoming album, are written, arranged, produced and recorded by me and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Bohlin. Guitars and vocals performed by me, the fretless bass by Andy Mallander and the drums by Vesa Kallio. You'll find it at: SpotifyiTunesGoogle Play, Tidal, Amazon, Microsoft, Napster and Emusic etc etc.

Me, Andy Mallander and Patrik Idman (drums) are in the mid of rehearsing and working on the three-piece live versions of the solo stuff, putting together a killer live-set from hell and it’s going pretty well and I do believe that we’re ready to finally take it all live on stage towards the end of 2016. Exiting to say the least.

We’re also about half-ways through the rehearsals of this new little project where me and two good old friends, Andy Mallander (bass) and Jan Viberg (drums) will be playing our interpretations of songs from the two first Iron Maiden albums, the Paul Di’Anno era that is, as a trio - A huge challenge and loads of fun. We are calling it “Järntrean” (Three Iron in Swedish) or “Fe3” (and no, none of us either plays golf or are chemists). The plan is to be taking this out live later this year or early 2017.

Lizard Eye has reunited with drummer Ralph Rydén and is more on fire than ever. We’re rehearsing the new material and it’s all starts sounding pretty awesome - Pure premium classic heavy metal Lizard Eye style with loads of new found energy. Hopefully we’ll get ourselves into the studio in early 2017 to record the next Lizard Eye full-length album. Hoping for some Lizard Eye live dates soon as well, can’t wait to get this on stage again, it has been way too long.

There’s also plans for a new live-project which will be featuring material from various bands and projects. I'm putting on the finishing touches on the writing of some of the featured songs that we’re supposed to be doing and am in discussion with involved personnel. If all works well we’ll start rehearsing in a month or so and we’ll probably be hitting the stage in the end of 2016 or the beginning 2017.

So as a conclusion one can see that it sure looks like there’ll be a lot of Saari live on stage with various bands and projects in 2017 and I am really, really looking forward to that - I miss playing live so very much.

Enjoy the new release.
‘Til next time.

/ PM