Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Status S

We rounded up the Lizard Eye 2012 spring "tour" around about a week ago with a gig at Harry B James home in Stockholm. It was a total blast and success, a great night and show indeed. I'd like to send out a special thanks to Andreas Vaple for making my guitars sound so fkin killer live - as he always does! Really appreciate it!
...anyway, every show on this round was really a success and real great, both the band and the time. Lizard Eye really crushed and is undoubtedly a better and tighter live band than ever. Thanks everyone for the support!

I also did a one off special cover gig with Vesa Kallio (drummer in most of my bands and projects), Mats "Moey" Öström (bass player in Burnitude), Lasse Gudmundsson (vocalist in Lizard Eye, Angel King) and Fredrik Svensson (guitars) at a venue at Kista Mässan (Sweden). Thanks to Fredrik for pulling it all in. It was great fun and got me a bit into wanting to give some sort of a cover thing another go in the next future or so...

I'm taking a break from playing live now over summer but will be back performing live when Inagone hit the stage at the outdoor festival Rock The Rålis 2012 in Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm on friday 3 august. It'll be a blast and Inagone will kick some serious ass!

I've now finished the pre production and arranging of the Straight 8 Diablo material. It ended being eight super heavy tracks (I mean, off course "eight" Straigt Eight Diablo tunes, what else?!) I wrote two brand new killer songs while recording the pre-tracks which I just had to throw in ...still don't know how many tracks the finished release will feature though, but it seems lots of interesting people are interested in becoming involved in the thing, recording, production, mixing and management wise, so we'll just have to wait and see...

Now I'm in the studio working with the arrangements of the last tunes of the Inagone and solo albums, and also some new 13 Chaos St material. I'm also working on a hand-full of a bit different kind of songs which I'm not quite sure where they'll fit in, but I'm sure I'll make them fit in somewhere somehow, it's pretty strong material and I'd really like to put it out.

Now I'll just have to push myself to keep my ass in studio and work - which isn't gonna be easy at all since all of a sudden summer is all over us here in Stockholm - and all the temptations that comes with it... but I'm quite sure I'll manage to blend enjoying them temptations and getting some sht done.

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