Friday, April 14, 2023


All artwork and design by PM Saari

The next release out is called “Dried” and will be released under the Inagone banner. It'll be out on Friday, April 21st and it’s a single featuring the two Inagone songs “Stronger” and “Dried” that were recorded back in 2008 and that I’ve now compiled, edited and mixed. 

The music and lyrics are written by me and it’s performed by Inagone which means Per Linzander on vocals, Vesa Kallio on drums, Andreas Mallander on fretless bass and me on guitars and backing vocals. I really like the performance of this recording, there’s some pretty cool things happening there, pretty good jams and chops.

These two songs are among my all time favorites and I find them way too good to be left unreleased. I think the song “Dried” in particular is one of the best songs I’ve ever written and the funny thing is that it’s about running dry on ideas as a writer, creator or an artist and the fact is that I’ve never actually experienced that myself, never faced that problem, rather the opposite, always coming up with way too many ideas. So it’s imaginarily how I believe it would feel, how the dryness drains your energy. It’s pretty ironic that thinking and writing about this lead me to writing one of the best songs I’ve ever written. I think we might even try to put it into the PM Saari Band live set now when we'll get out in 2023.

Below you'll find some direct links to the first Inagone EP "Where It Begins" but you'll find it at all the digital music providers.

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