Monday, April 30, 2012

Up n' down, in n' out

Yea, sure has been a while, quite a while indeed, and it for sure feels it's about time to give you all an insight of what's going on in the Saari camp...

The last months I've, along taking care of my company, built myself a new studio/rehearsal/office space, I've moved and got a new home and I've also had some real nice time off during this winter. Apart from some gigs, there hasn't actually been that much music going on at all the last half-year, or almost even at all in 2011.

However now it feels safe to say that I'm back (working with music that is) - I've had rehearsals and jam sessions booked for almost ever night, some days two times a day to fit it all in into the schedule, and nailed loads of studio time the last two weeks - and the next future looks most certainly to be going in that same direction - So, yea, I'd say I'm on it.

Inagone got some gig-requests from some arrangers and we couldn't say but "hell yeah!" - so we did a couple of great and fun shows for the hell of it some weeks (months?) ago - great shows, great time. I've finally started recording guitars on the last tracks of the upcoming full-length album "Your brand new root". In matter of weeks I'll start to schedule studio time with the boys to nail the rest - and hopefully finally finish the album.

I've started the pre production work on the Straight 8 Diablo material which is planned to be recorded in spring/summer 2012. It hasn't quite been decided exactly what it'll be, a whole album or an EP or what - we're in the mid of working out a plan with management and producers there. We do however have material for a full-length album by now, and I'm writing new stuff constantly, so, but we'll se...

Aside the Inagone and S8D recordings I'll try to throw in sessions to finish the recording of my first solo album as well.

Lizard Eye will do some live shows in 2012 so check out the booked dates out at the Lizard Eye website. Check out the new Lizard Eye album "Flames of the sun" which is now out at iTunes and Spotify.

Talk to ya again, soon.

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