Saturday, September 07, 2013

Through Insane Mass Renovation Madness

Yea I know, I know, we've kind of passed the change of months a week ago and no new Inagone tune, well here's the excuse: I've simply haven't had the time to finish up any songs. 

I've been in an state of insane 24-7 renovation of my new house, and still am but maybe not as intensively, which has consumed my whole time the last month plus. However one of the parts of the house that I'm almost finished with by now is my studio/office space which I'll be having situated at my house, I call it The Beyond Dimensions Backoffice/studio - It's the one of two where I do mostly recording, mixing and work with my business and also where I create my visual art, both classic and digital. The other one I call The Beyond Dimensions Bunker and it's my larger recording studio and rehearsal space situated elsewhere. Anyway, so in matter of weeks I'll have it all up and running again and I'm ready to kick it into action having loads of most interesting and cool stuff waiting in line to be worked on.

Well I thought I'd sort of make it up to you, the missing new Inagone tunes for a month or two that is, by rereleasing the first two Inagone tunes "Where It Begins" and "Look And You'll Find" which were supposed to be included on the full-length album "Your Brand New Root" but will be their own separate release, an EP or something. They were recorded at a separate time (earlier), and in a bit of different way, with different gear and they were mixed (by me) at another place at another time with a different state of mind so I decided to pull them out. Since I really like the raw feeling of them, the honesty in them, they were left at their original mixing and mastering from 2009 and they are both out now on Inagone's various music sites now. You've might've heard them but I hope you'll enjoy them.


Here's last last month's Inagone tune for you, the fourth one from "Your Brand New Root". It's called "Things Ain't Always What They Seem" and is a real kick in the face if you ask me.

Besides getting the studio work rolling again in a couple of weeks with all the various bands and project we're booking some Torch live dates as we speak, two already confirmed: Hellbar at O'Learys in Sundbyberg on saturday 21 september and Rocks at Mariatorget in Stockholm on saturday 19 october. Hoping to see the lot of you there!

/ PM