Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The pipes full of new stuff

As oh so often plans have changed and there’s been some changes in the Saari camp. The main one would be that we’re steering the live setlist into a heavier direction, it's been discussed and jammed and this is what we, my live band, feel feels right. I write different styles of music and my ambition is to record it all at some point but as things are now our ambition is to make the released material to go along, to be synchronised, with the material we play live, which obviously is the common way to go. So you can expect some heavier releases from me in the near future.

I’ve also been thinking whether it would be better to release singles and EPs instead of full length albums in the future, just to get things finished and out, but I was born an album-person so the album format is deep rooted in me. Nevertheless things have to get finished and the work of making an album feels way, way heavier than dividing it into a couple of smaller releases, which would also be much more suited for the music scene 2022. Then I did a reality check and realised I’ve got 17 (!) songs, that will be divided into six singles and EPs, that I’m working on right now, simultaneously. Now taking that into the equation it shouldn't really be a problem for me to do a full length album after this. So that’s probably what we’ll start working on next after I've finished up some of these singles and EPs, regardless of what the market or anyone says, I mean I never cared to follow trends and markets anyway.

Apart from these 17 songs I’m working on right now I have two full length albums in the pipes with all the drums recorded just waiting to get finished, all very strong and cool stuff but doesn’t fit the direction we’re heading for right now so they just have to be put on hold in favour of the material that we’ll be playing live. 

There are two two-song singles waiting to be mastered as we speak, one will be called “The Lockdown Sessions” which was recorded more or less live in the studio some while ago and the other is two songs from an old Inagone recording that I’ve brought back to life and mixed, that will be called “Dried” and will be release under the Inagone banner, so a new release shouldn’t be too far away in time. Then it might be that I'll manage to finish yet one more single at the end of 2022, or otherwise early next year and we are planning to start recording the new PM Saari full length album in the first half of 2023.

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