Friday, January 15, 2016

Excited, relieved and scared to death

So the planets and stars seem to be lining up in the chaotic world of PM Saari - there is a plan for 2016. Then how it’ll be humanly possible to live up to remains to be seen. (Since it turned out I am not the inhuman super-being (God? A mix between Superman and a Terminator?) I once thought I was.)

My solo album is now being mixed, or rather very close to “is now mixed”, and I’m proud and happy to officially announce that it will be mixed by my very first choice, Mr Michael Bohlin, who is also getting into it so deep that he’ll be co-producing it. I’ve heard some outtakes and it all sound killer. Nothing that I would have ever done with it however, or nowhere where I would have gone with it, but this was the whole point of taking Mr Bohlin aboard. He’s bringing in some totally new colors and giving new life to the material. I feel it breathing again. This after I gave it life and then killed it by performance anxiety, anguish and fear. It’s really cool how Michael’s and my collaboration here turned out, there hasn’t been that much communication at all but it turned out in the beginning that we both got the exact same vibes and references of the raw, unmixed tracks. I invited him along after I had recorded everything and then he put his almost opposite thinking and ideas into it, turned it upside-down and it all ended up totally different. And unique. And really, really great. Exiting to say the least.
Photo by Michael Bohlin

It felt pretty good when I had finished my work on the album and finally got to let it go out of my hands, out of my control. But pretty scary. Not the fear of how the final production would turn out, I had full confidence in the material, the performance and what Michael would do with it, but rather the fear of totally opening up and letting everyone in when presenting and releasing this pretty personal and deep work of art that I’ve been working for so long and struggling so hard to get where I wanted it. Almost like I want to keep it all for myself. Some strange mix of emotions running through me for sure. But I'm really looking forward for everybody to hear it and to a complete closure, so I’ll be able to move on with the next thing - and I’ve said it before and I say it again, next time I will go in and just do it, just wing it, quick and painless.

So lately I’ve been figuring and trying to plan 2016 and I’ve come to some decisions when it comes to all the other bands and projects and one of the things is to start working on a Straight 8 Diablo full length album - Realizing that we’ve just need to get this stuff down, it’s way too good not to be recorded. The plan is that I’ll be recording and producing it and I’ve already started the pre-production and am doing some studio-version rearrangements and rewriting of the songs and hopefully we’ll get it all down and done during 2016.

I’ll get back to you soon on the other bands/project that will be happening and, off course, more on the solo album.

/ PM