Saturday, June 16, 2012

Solo band rehearsals

Been rehearsing a couple of times with my solo band; me, Vesa Kallio (drums) and Andy "Drake" Mallander (fretless bass) that is; the last weeks. It's actually the first times we really rehearsed, before it has been jamming, more trying to catch, or rather create, the feeling and vibes of the live versions of the material. Anyway we've now narrowed the huge amount of material down to a live set amount of songs which is pretty cool, and it's all starting to naturally fall into place and sound ok - getting closer to the perfect blend of all the elements I'm aiming for: improvisation-jam-frenzy, kick-ass-punk-attitude, tight-progressive-virtuosity and above that: strong melodies with lyrics meaning and saying something. We're not quite there yet, but we're definitely getting there - and what will happen when we get there the future will tell...

Anyway, I put up a camera at the last rehearsal and recorded one of the most possible covers we'll do with the solo band, the Iron Maiden song "Wrathchild". It's out exclusively on my Facebook page:

We'll probably put out some more tasty little exiting rehearsal and jam videos this summer so keep you eyes open.

Now we're taking a break for some weeks, but after that we'll try our very best to throw in some rehearsals, and also studio session during the rest of the summer (though starting to realize that discipline, especially in summertime, might not be our, or my, strongest side).

Here's a video of us doing our version of the instrumental Iron Maiden tune "Losfer words" live at Harry B James in Stockholm (Sweden) at a gig with Inagone a while ago:

Now I'm off for a fking vacation.

See ya!
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