Sunday, May 19, 2013

Status S - The season of warmth and light has finally landed

Sure has been a long fkin winter but finally feel summer very, very close around the corner (well it's basically here), I can feel it through my bones, it's not that I don't like winter, I love it, but I can tell you all who doesn't live here in Sweden - the arrival of the long awaited warmth and light really feels up here.

We've finally finished and put out some new recorded Inagone material and that in form of the song "Dried", which I'd say is definitely one of the strongest tune I've ever written and produced, I absolutely love it and the way it turned out (if I can say so myself, which I off course can!). It's written, produced, recorded and mixed by me and I believe it's the perfect first song out representing the rest of the album. As told earlier the Inagone full-length album "Your Brand New Root" will, for various reasons (how the music industry and the scene looks and works (or rather doesn't) today being the major one), be released one song at the time, about one every change of months is the plan. I have to admit that not all the songs aren't even finished recorded and mixed yet, simply because they don't have to, and Per Linzander (vocals) and I have just started, or rather continued after some years off, working with the vocals for the last couple of tunes. It's actually quite interesting recording over this long of a period and see how the material matures by itself when you don't touch it for some years or so, it grows and changes there lying by itself untouched and many times I'd say. The downside would be that one looses the thread between the rounds a bit and also the unendurable stress having the heavy weight of unfinished work hanging over your shoulders for a long time. But to be honest I prefer recording quickly over as short time as possible, getting the feelings and vibes of there and then, but sometimes (usually?) that just isn't doable. Well however, this is how we roll now.

So as I really can see the end of the very long tunnel that is the finalizing "Your Brand New Root" I will be getting back on finishing my solo album. There's really not that much recording left, almost only vocals, and I actually am considering pushing the mixing-duties over on someone else and not doing it myself, have some interesting names buzzing around in my head, but we'll see about that - I really need to get that record out of my system, I mean it's the album that has (had) to be done! (and to tell you the truth, the ideas and planning for my second solo album has started to take form already, so it might be good idea finishing the first one first.)

When it comes to rehearsal and playing live with Inagone and the solo-band we'll wait at least 'til after summer to see where things are heading. With Torch however we've just kicked off rehearsal round II after some shows, throwing in even more classic Torch material, putting together a longer kick ass classic Torch live-set taking us to the next level. We have some festival dates booked and our first live date on home ground in Stockholm is finally confirmed, Torch will perform live at the band Eterno's release party at Copperfields in Stockholm.

Lasse and I have been continuing writing, 'collecting', arranging and demoing new Lizard Eye material and when we checked we realized we've ended with the bones of some 15 really strong new Lizard Eye songs by now, some more finished that others when it comes to writing and arranging, and we will now continue to get it all into demo-shape so that we can start planning where to start, what to do and where to go with it all.

Hoping now only that the approaching summer won't distract me too much now, there's shitloads of things to be done and not that much time to do it, so there's no whatsoever time for distractions here - so begone all you summer-temptations. But we'll see about that...

"I can resist everything except temptation." - Orcar Wilde

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