Friday, November 13, 2020

New single, “Between”, out now

So, long time coming, and many turns later, I finally have new music out, my first release in four years, since my debut solo album “The Opening” that was released at the end of 2016. It’s a two-song single called “Between” that was originally meant to be a “mini-between-release” between my first album “The Opening” and its followup full length album “The Awakening”, hence the title (mainly, of course among other references) but “The Awakening” has been postponed, pushed into the future and other releases will be finished and put out before it. However "Between" will still be a release between releases so.

PM Saari "Between"
Artwork and design by PM Saari.
I’d say it’s pretty much in the “The Opening”-vein, melodic and progressive hard rock/classic heavy metal (?) and consists of the heavier “Between Seasons” and the faster “Burning Air”, both songs written and arranged by me. It’s produced and mixed by me, recorded and mixed at my Beyond Dimensions Studio and mastered at Abbey Road Red/CloudBounce. The mixing and mastering is somewhat experimental and it's most likely to be followed by a remix/remastering in a not too distant future. All guitars, vocals and percussion are performed by me and the fretless bass by Andreas “Drake” Mallander and the drums by Patrik Idman, so my current power-trio live band. When it comes to my performance on this one I can assure you that I’ve really outdone and pushed myself when it comes to vocals and guitar, and yeah, you'll even find some bongo drums and maracas performed by me in the middle section of "Between Seasons"(!). I put a lot of effort in the arrangements and production as well, so a lot of hard work to get things where I wanted them, and as I see it I didn’t have a choice, the songs demanded it.

You’ll find Between digitally at your digital music provider of choice, a handful of them directly linked here below, and there was originally plans to release it on vinyl, but due to the situation in the world now and the absence of live gigs, that plan is somewhat off, depending where thing's are heading.



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