Monday, December 28, 2020

Inagone music finally properly out

As Ingone music has been put out at various occasions, in various forms, it’s not until now that there is a proper, official Inagone release out. I’ve been thinking about it for years now but never really had the opportunity or the time to dig into it and finish it. I’ve always thought that the recordings that we did between 2007-2012 were too good not to be released properly, that they didn’t get the attention and treatment they deserved. But now was the perfect timing for me to dive into it and finish the editing, compiling and mix the songs for a first release. I decided to go with the first songs I ever wrote for Inagone, aslo being the first songs that we recorded, “Where It Begins” and “Look and You’ll Find” and I also added the stripped down song called “Unclose” featuring only vocals and acoustic guitars and yeah, they are out now as a three-song single called “Where It Begins”. 

It was recorded 13 years ago by me and I mixed it now in October 2020, all music and lyrics are written by me, I produced it and perform all the guitars and also some backing vocals, Per Linzander performs all the lead vocals and some backing vocals, Andreas Mallander the bass (on this recording actually fretted bass) and Vesa Kallio the drums - So the Inagone line-up, the only one there ever was. It was truly exciting to mix what we recorded 12-13 years ago and come to realisation that what we did was even better than I remembered it to be and I really really love our performances on these songs, we had such great chemistry and balance going on and I think it really shines through in this recording. “Where It Begins” is out now and you’ll find it at all the digital music providers. Enjoy!

Aside from that I’m right now working in the studio mixing my next PM Saari release, which will be a bit different two-song single, and slate to be out in the beginning of 2021. I'm also preparing to start recording bass and guitars for the release after that. Due to the total absence of live dates we’ve also taken the opportunity to have some fun down in the Bunker (out rehearsal studio that is, also called the “Red Room”), jamming through some interesting covers, some of them pretty tricky to nail (at least for me), some more or less impossible (at least for me). Mainly for the fun, but also to challenge ourselves and we’ll see, we might just run through some of them in front of a video camera later on and throw them out just for the hell of it. We’re not that comfortable in front of a camera, I mean we belong live on stage, but we’ll see if we can pull ourselves together.

Anyway, it feels great to be moving through all the obstacles at an acceptable pace forward, just hoping it will last. Taking a deep breath and a hopeful step over to 2021.

Have a good one.


/ PM