Thursday, May 25, 2023

Live again (and again)

Our first gig in four years, our revival, the first one featuring Mr Mats “Moey” Öström on bass, is now behind us and it all went down beyond expectations.The place was packed, we received the best imaginable feedback and we had a total blast and it sure felt like a rebirth in many ways.

PM Saari Band Live 2023
PM Saari Band Live 2023 (Photo by Åsa Urberg)

I have to admit I was a bit worried about my vocals, I mean I didn't know what was causing my voice problems the past five months, still don’t, only that my voice didn’t work as it used to do, so I didn't really know what to expect, but it worked way better than I expected. The thing is that the problem I had the first months of this year gradually disappeared and it’s pretty much ok now, but then something of a normal flu hit me and my voice was torn down again for over a month. But yeah, I believe I’m very close to where I was before all this. We did change one or two songs in the set to be on the safe side, replacing the most vocal demanding songs - I do NOT want to risk pushing it too far now.

PM Saari at BeyondDimensions Central Station
PM Saari recording guitars at 
BeyondDimensions Central Station
The next booked live date is in Ludvika at the Open Stage Marathon 2023 on Saturday June 10th, so we’ll be back where we left off four years ago. We will hit the main outdoor stage at 14:30, so an afternoon show for us old, stressed, tired men. 

Since we had to wait and see what happened to my voice we were a bit late booking gigs for this spring/summer and kind of missed that train, but hopefully we’ll manage to get in at least some more dates, and if not there will be more after summer for sure.

As always I’m behind schedule (my utopic plan?) with the releases but I’m currently recording guitars and vocals for the next two releases, and I’m also working on the pre-production of the full length album I really, really  want to make after this. But we’ll see what life’s got in store for us. And, as always, every now and then I’ll be poking here and there in the various recording projects that are laying around, and one of these days some of these might just see the light of day.

See ya.
/ PM