Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things in motion

Loads of things are going on right now in the Saari Camp but the most important thing would probably be that I'm back, even though a bit on and off, working to finish the recording of my solo album and it feels pretty good to be working in the studio again, even though the pace, due to various reasons, can't quite be as high as I would like it to. I'd say there's about a third of it left to be recorded as we speak.

Andy has left 13 Chaos St due to family reasons, but as things are now he will continue playing with my solo band, Inagone and the other projects of mine that he's involved in. The new bass player in 13 Chaos St is Jesper Norkko who's a long-time friend of the band and he will fill the spot just perfectly. 13 Chaos St will be hitting the road doing a couple of gigs starting in matter of weeks. Check out the dates at the 13-myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/13chaosst. It sure will be great to get out and play live again, we're all really exited about it.

Fred and I have kicked life into our 3-piece thing Straight 8 Diablo again and we're moving on with the new drummer Patrik Idman, who's a long-time friend of mine and whom I've been in various bands with back in the days - an awesome drummer, songwriter and musician over all. We're rehearsing the band together as we speak and I'm about to put the last touches on the writing of the first hand-full of songs and it's all coming together real natually and turning out pretty cool. The plan is to rehearse it into shape very quickly, just a month or two, and then take it all out live on stage. Exiting indeed.

Some live gigs with 13 Chaos St and hopefully with Straight 8 Diablo and also with Lizard Eye is waiting around the corner to be announced - See you all there!

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