Monday, November 21, 2016

Third single out

Artwork and design created by PM Saari.
The third single from my upcoming solo album “The Opening” is out and this time it’s the song “Tree Angel” that is featured. It’s a pretty melodic piece but at the same time a very deep and dark one and I’d say it’s probably one of the best songs I’ve ever written. As some producers, and the likes, have listened to some of the stuff of the album by now, there were some digging it so much they wanted me to pull it out off the album and let them have it, which I of course couldn’t agree to do because it belongs there in “The Opening”. It is, as pretty much all the songs on the album, a very personal and a pretty dramatic song, sort of reflecting the dark parts of my life the past 20 years or so, rinsing through loads of anguish. Another thing is that I didn’t originally write it for me to sing on it, so it was really way beyond my vocal abilities, way out of my range, but when it all was pointing towards me to be performing all the vocals on the album I had no other choice than throw myself right into it and make it work, and now I think I might even pretty much pull those vocals off live. I also wrote the song at the same time as, in parallel, with the first of my drawings of the “Tree Angel”, a figure entirely created by me from scratch, so there are a lot of visual Tree Angel-art lying around and waiting to see the light out there as well, and in time they will. Hope you like the song and the way it finally turned out in recorded mode.

“Tree Angel” is once again accompanied by an instrumental song and this time it’s “Lemuria” that takes you through a mood-full journey through magic landscapes.

This will be the last pre-album-release-single and I’m happy to finally announce that Friday December 16th 2016 is slated for the release of the “The Opening” album.

Until then you’ll find Tree Angel, as the other two singles, at various digital music providers for streaming and download like iTunesGoogle PlayTidalAmazonMicrosoftNapster, Spotify and E-music etc.


/ PM