Saturday, December 09, 2023

Rollin’ on

For me it was just a few days’ switch from summer to winter, so no fall here, and the good thing would be that I won’t work on the house anymore and can now put more time into the studio work. Need to get myself to do it though.

Me and Mr Idman have been down in the Red Room a couple of rounds working with drums and we’ve recorded a handful of songs that I’m going to start working on any day now. As always I have a lot of songs that I’m working with, just how I like it it and it suits my restless mind, but the downside is that I at some point I have to finish some of it too. Of all the material I’m working on in the studio I probably should’ve released some a long time ago, but I simply haven’t got myself to the point of finishing anything yet.

Though I’m constantly working on a full length album, or actually more than one, it's taking, and I'm letting it, take its time to get finished but.there will be a couple singles/EPs out next year, just as planned yet a bit delayed.

We’ve been rehearsing quite frequently with my live powertrio the last months and we’ve had a couple of totally awesome gigs, loads of fun and the live band feels pretty much together by now, and yeah, we’re having a great time so hopefully we’ll manage to schedule some more live dates soon. Special thanks to Magnus Hultman and Thomas Henkel and all you showing up at the shows and giving us such amazing feedback. 

My long time sidekick Mr Andreas Mallander and I are experimenting on a new branch of PM Saari music that hopefully sees the light somewhere in 2024, and hopefully so will some other collaborations I have going on.

Until the release of new music here’s a Spotify playlist of some of what I’ve done so far, an all PM Saari playlist.

/ PM