Sunday, June 24, 2018

Status S

("S" for Saari, or for Summer if you prefer.) 

PM in the studio working with the
drums of the new solo album.
I have started the recording of my album #2 and the drums for about half of it are recorded by now. A lot of things about it hasn’t been decided yet, so lots of things still floating in the air, but there will be a full-length album, probably out next year and it will be called “The Awakening”, that is certain. I’ve come to realize that it won’t be as much a progressive album as I thought it would but more of a classic heavy metal/hard rock album. I’ve also realized that it’s all pretty strong material, lots of cool riffs, tasteful vocal melodies, ingenious lyrics and exiting arrangements, many of the songs probably the best I’ve ever written.

I’m also done tuning in the guitar sounds (or are we really ever?) for it and have started recording and arranging the guitars for the first four songs. On these particular songs we’ll be recording the rhythm guitars before the bass for the first time ever. As I’ve mentioned before there will be some guests on the album, but the main part of it will feature my live rhythm section, the PM Saari Band: Andreas Mallander on fretless bass and Patrik Idman on drums. Production- and arranging-wise I think I will go with the flow and have a more song-oriented approach to the material. Off course there will be progressive and virtuous elements, which is inevitable when we do things, more on some songs than others, but the songs will lead and steer this album. So still a long way to go, but the machine is rolling and when there, I believe that it will kill.

Other from the work on the album we’re doing some live shows with PM Saari Band starting July 28th at Rock På Torget in Smedjebacken and we’ve also been throwing in some rehearsals with Järntrean so we’ll see what will come out of that.

I can also reveal now that sometimes after summer we’ll be releasing an Inagone (!) EP featuring three songs that I’m (re-)mixing as we speak. So no new material, but I felt that those old tunes deserves to be more in the spotlight, of which they were a bit robbed at the time, the Inagone recordings never really got the chance they deserved.

And when it comes to The Opening, the album I needed to do, the album that needed to be done, it has been out about one and a half year by now and I’d really need your support with it on Spotify, help to push it forward, to make a path for The Awakening. So please, please take a couple of seconds to follow, share, like and whatever it is you do on Spotify, and also of course listen to it and it’s songs, I need all the push I can possibly get and would be forever grateful.

/ PM