Friday, December 19, 2014

Exit 2014 - Constant Race Against Time

As always I haven't had the time I'd wished for to put into studio work the last months, but I've managed to squeeze in some days here and there and am yet another step closer to finishing my solo album. The main vocal tracks are down - and I consider myself the winner in the war with my vocals! I've also been fighting with some real tricky classical guitar parts which I came up with and absolutely wanted to have on this album. Real tricky parts for me that is, way beyond my capability as my fingerpicking-shape of today. But they are now down in the best performance I could get out of me today. Pretty cool and progressive stuff indeed and it all taking it's time for sure. 

Close to finishing it all it has now come to my realization what a complex piece of music this album really is. It's complex and progressive in many ways, and by that I don't mean that it's all flawlessly performed, super tight or in perfect pitch all the way through. It has soul and depth to it, you can approach it from different angles experiencing different things. I'd say it covers lot of ground and is a pretty colorful piece of music. It consists of these pretty complex songs that you can listen to uncomplicated if you want to. If you don't want to get into the depth of them and analyze it, you don't have to. Yet if you do, you'll find some really interesting things down in there for sure. I'd say it'll be pretty close to fulfilling what I'm always aiming for: mixing the complexity and virtuosity of classical music, the in your face attitude, attack and whippiness of punk and the ingenuity, the melodies of pop and maybe the most important thing for me: the improvisation from jazz and then off course, last but not least: the power and feeling of classic heavy metal/hardrock (which obviously is inherited from rock and blues).

At an early stage of this recording I decided to perform all guitars and vocals myself on this one (in contrary to the next solo album which is planned to feature loads and loads of guests...) - Otherwise I would've taken in some friends to do all these tricky vocal and classic guitar parts long time ago! I've surely struggled and pushed myself way beyond where I thought my abilities could reach, which is really exiting and stimulating. Only wish I'd had more time to push it even further and reached total perfection, unfortunately a luxury I don't have as things are today. But then again, for me, it's all about here and now (in the future: then and there) and this surely reflects my here and now.

So, some drum editing, a few additional guitar parts and additional vocals, maybe some retakes, are left recording-wise, then I need to compile and cut all the tracks, a lot of it done already though, and then see who will be mixing it and I believe, depending on when the mixing will be able to be done, it will actually, for real, finally be finished in the first half of 2015.

Besides beginning with solo album #2, some other exiting music stuff is in the planning for 2015, but nothing confirmed so more on all that closer when, and if, they are executed. 2014 may not have been a that productive year for me, but I've surely experienced the more. You'll find my 2014 pretty much documented in my earlier posts in this News & Thoughts Blog (here below?), so check those out if you feel you might have missed something. 

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Now I'm off to beautiful Hälsingland for some skiing and holiday family-hanging - and actually try to have some actual time off!

Wishing ya'll a super merry X-mas and really happy holidays!

Peace 'n out.
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