Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Finishing new stuff, starting new stuff

Me twisting and turning some drums.

So quite a gap between posts here, even to be me, but though I’ve been working with my music quite a bit I haven’t really finished anything, so not that much to report here. I‘m kind of one who is always striving, pushing forward and also constantly coming up with new stuff, which results in me starting new projects rather than finishing the ongoing ones (and by “projects” I nowadays mean solely recordings, or releases, in my own name - so no new “bands”). So I have quite a few things I’m working on in parallel and they are all pulling stylewise into a different directions of rock, perfect for my restless soul.

The first thing that will be out is an EP that will be called “The Club For Internal Admiration (A Slight Return)” - a bit of homage-pay to the legacy of my classic now retired band Burnitude, and its core will be in the vein of classic 1980’s hard rock/heavy metal. We’ve finished the recording and I’m about to start mixing it any day now, so if it goes according to plan its release shouldn’t be many months away.

Me and Andreas Mallander at Studio A6Sound.

Following that there will be a single, two songs taken from our, more or less, live recording at Studio A6Sound earlier in 2021. It will be called “The Lockdown Sessions” and will show a bit more heavier side of my music. We’ve also been rehearsing new songs for an upcoming full length album of this heavier direction and we will start recording that one in the first half of 2022. We're all feeling it's the right way to go and are all really excited about to be going there.

Patrik Idman banging the drums.

Additionally I have a whole bunch of various singles, EPs and maybe even albums in the works, some will feature guests that I’ll be working it into shape with and I'm just going to let it all flow in parallel as we move on.

Due to the situation in the world there’s still no live dates in sight, we’re not booking anything until it’s all clear. We still rehearse quite frequently though and I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up putting out some rehearsal videos of some sort in the next future.

Until then. Peace.
/ PM

Vocal recording in The Red Room at our
Beyond Dimensions Bunker where we rehearse
and record most of the stuff.