Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time flies - business n live

We'll be playing the first ever gig with Straight 8 Diablo at Copperfields in Stockholm on saturday december 3rd. The fact is that we started rehearsing november 13th so we'll only get down about some 7 rehearsals in two week time in total for the gig - exiting indeed. Actually, I haven't quite even finished writing the lyrics for the songs that we'll play yet - So a bit stressing, but then we all work best under pressure. S8D is a three-piece band and Fred (Thörnblom, also Lizard Eye bass player) and I ended up splitting the lead vocals about 50-50 which is a pretty cool thing since we have somewhat different voices and it'll be a cool mix. The style of the music is very heavy and heavily inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity and Down, and there's some great and really, really heavy riffing going on there. The grand S8D-plan is to down some gigs now and sometimes into 2012 record a full-length album. But we'll see...

This wednesday we'll be hitting hometown Stockholm (Harry B James) with 13 Chaos St that right now is a really solid and tight live band. Mr Norkko has really settled and sunk in. We'll be having my pal Ace Chrome's band Chrome Tone opening for us and it'll be a total blast.

As for the studio work, it has been forced to, once again, step aside a bit in favor of the expansion of my business, Saari Creations - Takes time to build an empire. We've been recording some drums for my solo album but it looks like it most likely will be finished in the beginning of 2012 instead of now in the end of this year (which is basically through by now!)

Hopefully I'll have more time to put on the music in a week or two and the plan is that Drake (Andy Mallander) and I'll start jammin with all the various stuff we have going on around the corner then. We'll probably also start to write some new 13 material, either now in december or early next year.

Now I'm off to see if I can put the last touch on the lyrics of the S8D songs and maybe get them all finished before the gig.


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