Thursday, July 23, 2020

Through the dictations of the world

So here we are, thought I would post this some months ago but as we all know things have been happening turning the world a bit around and upside down lately. (Even though I must admit that it feels a bit like I'm using this as an excuse for my absence here.) The collaboration plans we had getting out playing live in the end of 2019 backfired so there were no live dates at all and then Da Rona hit when we were supposed to get out the next round. So plans had to change and we went into total recording and rehearsal mode instead.

So I’ve been rehearsing with Mr Mallander and Mr Idman, the PM Saari Band that is, and it’s been real great getting down to the bunker as often as our tight-scheduled life allows and letting the creativity flow out in its purest form, at the same time uniting, tightening us as a band and having a great time. We’ve put in quite a bunch of new tunes into the live set, even though they’re not released yet, and we can’t wait to get back live on stage with it all (whenever that will be). We’ve also been jamming a bit with various covers lately, so we’ll see what might come out of that.

I can also, finally, confirm that the recording of the vocals (and everything else since many, many months back) of the first upcoming release, a two-song EP that will be called “Between”, is finally finished and it’s now off to be mixed. It will be released after summer and I can assure you that it sounds killer even pre mix - two Saari-style heavy metal/hard rock songs with strong melodies woven together with progressive elements and exciting arrangements. The second release, which also is a two-song EP, is almost done recording wise and its release will follow just months after the first. We’ve also, as times are as they are, started the recording of yet another EP that will be released before the next full length album, “The Awakening”. So there are three EP’s on the way, and note that they will not feature any songs that will be on “The Awakening”.

My vocal troubles, or rather throat problems, have kept troubling somewhat, and also held things back a bit the past year. The good thing is that this has forced me to start really digging in and working with my voice and vocals. Also realising now that it was pretty unfortunate that the vocals on the two songs on “Between”, the first release out, was for me the most difficult, hardest and most demanding that I’ve ever written, but I pushed myself way beyond what I thought was possible and there they are. I’ve also never ever before worked as deep and intensively (fanatically?) with the production and arrangements as have done on these two songs on “Between”, so I'm really excited to get it mixed and out.

So despite it all I’ve been working with music, quite a lot, and hopefully I'll get up the pace getting music out to you more frequently very soon as well, both recorded releases and live shows.

/ PM