Friday, September 22, 2023

Same old news

Me and the boys rehearsing at
our Beyond Dimensions Bunker.

Feels somewhat like I’m on repeat here, like it’s the same old news again, but it is what it is. Summer is behind us, (almost at least, I’m still hanging on to it a bit) and I’ve been swamped with work on my house the whole summer and haven’t practically been working with music at all. Aside from writing a couple of new tunes and hanging in the Bunker rehearsing with the boys there hasn’t been that much action in that area. Summer doesn’t just seem to be a very productive period for me, music wise.

It’s not uncommon that my plans fail due to lack of time, so I guess we’re all getting used to that by now, but anyway, now I’m about to start up the system again and slowly get myself down into the cold waters of studio work again.

Me wrestling with my house.

We have two really cool gigs booked with the solo band, one at Maze in the band’s second hometown Ludvika October 21st and the other on my very home turf at the Pow Wow Rock Fest at O’Learys in Vällingby (Stockholm) November 4th. Apart from some live shows the new plan (I don’t even remember the old plan) now is to finish the recording of a couple of singles/EP’s of songs that we actually are playing live, that are in the PM Saari Band live set. The goal is to have the studio versions of the songs we’re doing live out, pretty logical but we’ve been pretty unsynced when it comes to that. 

You’ll always find the PM Saari Band live dates at bandsintown and Songkick.

I’m also trying to get into the 2020’s so I’ll be doing my best to try to keep up and somewhat frequently be putting out videos of me jamming through some of my riffs on my Facebook and Instagram pages and in this playlist on my YouTube channel. I call it “'Ere's a Riff For Ya!” (a little reference to the great Mr Coverdale there for ya). 

/ PM