Sunday, September 10, 2017

Moving on - The End of Burnitude and Under

I’ve always been very particular with not mixing different styles in my various bands and projects. I always wanted to keep them apart and rather start a new one than try to implement the material if I didn’t found it fitting style-wise. I love bands like Queen and Kiss, but I couldn't see myself mixing, what I, in my mind, considered different styles under the same banner, not to speak on the same album. Since I write different styles of hard rock/heavy metal/rock this led me to having lots of different bands and projects going on, and which of many actually were pretty much the same. Like a close friend of mine used to say about me and this: “The one with the most bands when he dies wins.” and I can assure you, I would have won, if not...

The other day when I was listening to one of my biggest influences and heroes, David Bowie, it came up to me that not many of his albums sound at all the same, at all. He changed all the time, and I love it. Then Drake (my bass player Andreas Mallander), who knows how much material I have laying around and waiting to be recorded under various bands/projects, said something like: “Why don’t you just record and put everything out as “PM Saari”, it’s you writing all the songs, and they’re all power trios with you on vocals and guitars, it’s all you anyway?” Some of them obviously has to be their own bands since they are their own bands, but this really made me think. It occurred to me that maybe I have been seeing it all from only one perspective, I hadn't seen the whole picture and to be honest, this lack of time and energy I live in is really starting to get to me. I mean, the more brands I have to try to market and sell, the more work it requires and with this lack of time it all ends half-done instead of putting all power and focus on just one (or at least few). So I realized the time has come to shorten the list of my bands and projects and implement them into my solo stuff and came to the tough decision that it's time to put two of my dear babies down, time to officially disband Burnitude and Under. None of them having been active for about a decade anyway. The legacy of them will live on but this is the end of Burnitude and Under as bands. Time to move on.

You’ll find ALL the recorded Burnitude and Under material at:
Burnitude at Soundcloud | Reverbnation
Under at Soundcloud | Reverbnation

There are however lots of great material, both Burnitude and Under, that never got recorded and released just waiting to get out and I will finish, at least some of it and put it out at some point, in some form, but it won't be under the flag of Burnitude and Under, but under the PM Saari flag. Actually one (pre-) Burnitude song has already sneaked into my solo releases and it's definite that one or two songs has made it into the next PM Saari release fitting as great as the tracks that I intensionally wrote to be there.
Burnitude in front of our dressing room at a gig at Klubben in Stockholm.

Watch out for Saari History Part III coming soon.

Cheers. Rock on.
/ PM

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