Friday, June 10, 2016

First single out

Artwork/sleeve design by PM Saari
So the album, my upcoming solo album that is, which will be called “The Opening” has been all finished for some months now and we’ve been working hard dealing and going through all the different alternatives to put it out. It looks like the album will be released in fall 2016, but we’re still in discussions and negotiations with various parties so that might still be changing. However we decided to release a single, or two (or maybe even three), featuring one song with vocals and one instrumental song as B-side before the full-length lands and the first one is out now. It’s the song “Lost (And Out Of Reach)” that will be first out to represent the album, a full-force-on energetic kicking in-your-face rocker, and it’s accompanied by the instrumental song “Soul-Slip”, which is in many ways is the soundtrack of my life, as B-side. So a perfect way to introduce it all and a real kicker of a single to kick it all off. It's out in, I believe, practically every digital store and music provider that there is. The songs are, as all the songs on the album, written, arranged, recorded and produced by me and mixed, mastered and co-produced by Michael Bohlin. The guitars and vocals are performed by me, the drums by Vesa Kallio and the fretless bass by Andy Mallander.

Also like for instance at iTunes, Google Play, TidalAmazon, Microsoft etc etc. (Just get into your store of choice and look it up, you'll find it anywhere.)

Please do feel free to listen, buy, like, follow, share and spread the songs and the release as much as you possibly can and want to support me and what I do - Would be much appreciated! And don't forget the Saari Store at Zazzle: where you can buy official merchandise of my bands and projects.

Beside this, well, the summer has arrived, again, and I’ve actually already managed to throw in some vacation but am now back in the saddle again and will be doing my very best to throw in studio hours as well as rehearsals with current bands and projects through summer. Things are moving. More news coming up shortly.


/ PM