Thursday, October 11, 2012

Status S - Feeling winter crawling upon us

So the first song that doesn't fit, "360 Degrees", is out and I'm really content and proud of it so I'm right on working with the recording of song #2 in line...

The drums and the bass are just about recorded for the Inagone album and we're slowly moving over to the recording of the remaining vocals and guitars - getting there but it's taking it's time.

In 13 Chaos St Jeppe (Jesper Norkko) has now switched from bass to his native instrument: guitar, and 13 is now officially a two guitar, five piece band. It sounds real good and feels great having Jeppe on rhythm guitars giving the old material new dimensions and giving us a totally new palette to work with when it comes to the new material. His solid, tight and hard playing fits perfectly with my flipping freakouts, somehow I get the feeling of classic Guns'N'Roses guitar playing, Izzy and Slash playing totally different things most of the time but it all melting together naturally and coming out as something else - though what we are doing has absolutely nothing to do with Gun'N'Roses. We're working, jamming that is, the last bits and pieces of the transformation of the old 13 stuff now and the upcoming show in Ludvika November 3rd will be the first live performance ever as a five piece. The bass will be handled by Roger Porshage and most likely there'll be more 13 live gigs which will be announced as they get confirmed.

New 13 Chaos St material is coming together pretty nicely, I've sent a couple of songs of mine to Jari and he's worked out some killer vocals on them - Great stuff. Jeppe and I have been writing some pretty cool tunes as well, a mix between Thin Lizzy and Korn is what comes into my mind when I listen them back, I don't know, pretty cool and exiting material anyhow. Check out Jari's blog at for a stream of 13 news.

Straight Eight Diablo has rehearsed some and are just about where we wanna be with the live set, sounding pretty killer. We've also just about started to record some drums which will be engineered and edited by Robin Idman, the first of a handful of people that'll be involved in what looks like becoming a S8D full length debut album.

Lizard Eye is lying a bit low a the moment due to all four band members' other music involvements, but we'll be having a gathering this weekend where we'll make plans for a Lizard Eye return in winter.

Roll on
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